Banks and financial institutions require the highest level of security and reliable networks to carry critical traffic. Broadband Wireless Access applications are no longer limited to delivering Internet & Voice services for residential, corporate and government subscribers. InfiNet Wireless for years has been successfully providing broadband access with its wireless infrastructure solutions to hundreds of schools and banks globally

Bank connectivity projects require the following key features:

  • Security as a key feature of a wireless network
  • Ability to work using bank’s legacy network
  • Highest reliability and availability of the network and its resources
  • Multiple applications (data, voice, video and others) operating over the same infrastructure

InfiNet Wireless equipment perfectly fits into major banks' strict requirements for security and reliability. Security is realized on multiple layers including over-the-air built-in encryption, password protection, storm/flood protection, MAC/IP filters, built-in IPFirewall and tunneling capabilities for VPN. Comprehensive mechanisms for radio ensure highest link availability. Along with that, weatherproof enclosures, built-in lightning protection and built-in heater enable uninterrupted equipment operation in the most extreme weather conditions.

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