We partner with our customers to help them meet their productivity goals by offering complete, site-wide, automation services from plant floor machine controls, to advanced remote, wireless control, data acquisition systems and monitoring.

The new Generation IP Programmable logic Controllers

As far as industrial motion control is concerned, Ethernet, field bus and PCI are all capable of carrying the ýsame information between a high-level machine controller and a motion controller. Ethernet is a networking ýprotocol, PCI is a PC bus architecture and fieldbus is used in industrial control. These three technologies are ýnow competing for the same users, and while the playing field may be level, the technologies offer their own ýhighs and lows.

  • Field control operations
  • Irrigation, Lighting, Parks
  • Gates
  • Remote Power Generators
  • Water Pumps
  • Greenhouses
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Hazardous Areas
  • Trucks
  • Boats, Fuel
  • Stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil & Gaz
  • Water Vessels and Reservoir

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