Infinet wireless is on company that allow all level users to share high-speed Internet connections, the break from the wired world is a great relief. The flexibility to move around without having to restrict at one place is surely a great relief. The get away from wired world to places of your choice and still remain connected. Infinte Wireless networking technology is a powerful and cater to all kind of industry both small and medium-size and even individuals.

Electronic Saudi Network broadband wireless solutions offer unsurpassed reliability and flexibility to design, build, and manage fixed BWA networks. IWR Series equipments allows the user to choose between a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint star or tree deployment thereby creating a universal platform to network expansion and growt

InfiNet Wireless 5000 solutions offer a unique combination of low start-up cost, reliability, and scalability. By using a multifunctional flexible platform, InfiNet Wireless 5000 ensures maximum scalability across the entire network. Our IP-based systems available to ISP and Telco carriers.

Our solutions provide carriers with unprecedented types and tiers of services to business, government, and residential subscribers.

Our IP-based system allows service providers to offer end-to-end applications, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Video-over-IP for surveillance and emergency services. The systems are also used in diverse applications such as high capacity overlay of lower-capacity networks; hot spot and hot zone backhaul; as well as IP-transport infrastructures for banks, schools, and multiple service providers (carrier-of-carriers' networks).

Service providers and carriers in more than 25 countries including Saudi Arabia have deployed 5000 Series systems because they meet carriers' needs for ease of installation, IP-rich network functionality and cost effectiveness, while enabling rapid deployment and interference-resilient operation in dense metro and suburban locations. Networks built on InfiNet Wireless 5000 Series platforms provide broadband access services to thousands of demanding end users, including large corporations in the energy field (oil, gas, power), multiple tenant buildings, and public sector organizations (schools, universities and government agencies)

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