Company Overview

Founded in 2001,Electronic Saudi Network (e-Saudi) is a world-class distribution and solutions integrator specialized in high tech and high quality products servicing the Middle East region. Since the foundation, our commitment has always been to give our customers the best possible products available on the global market with the best service and support required by the engineers to streamline their design processes and shorten the time-to-market of their products. All the companies and the products distributed by e-Saudi fully comply with these requirements. We have pioneered projects in the Middle East that set industry benchmarksOur high credibility rests on our principles of sharing revenues by investing and building large city-wide infrastructures. The combination of persevering great effort on technical support and good service supply has resulted in a very good reputation and high esteem gained by e-Saudi through its customers

With the purpose of diversifying its activities, e-Saudi has created five distinct business units: Communications, Automation & Control, Surveillance, Tracking and Solar Power. All these lines of business are vital and very important for the life of our company and all of them are subject to continuous growth and expansion in the future. We constantly look to the international market to find innovative, reliable and high tech products to compliment and expand our products range, and consequently are able to supply to our customers a line of products as broad as possible.

15+Years of History

150+Projects Completed

250+Satisfied Clients

20+Innovative Products

Our Vision

The e-Saudi mission is to make it as easy as possible for customers in every kind of business to benefit from our cutting-edge technologies. As high tech products and markets mature, customers in different segments require solutions developed for their specific needs. To fulfill its mission as a supplier of rapid, easy-to-use solutions, e-Saudi is constantly expanding its range of products and services to accommodate specific markets. Today, e-Saudi accomplishes its goal by providing dedicated solutions for:

  • Machine-to-machine applications
  • Outdoor to indoor cellular Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wireless Voice over IP (VOIP)
  • Remote Multi-branches connectivity
  • High range security wireless cameras

E-Saudi constantly updates and expands its portfolio of products and services as markets evolve and technology advances. Directly and through its network of partners, e-Saudi ensures customers can bring new products to market on time and on budget by providing a full range of support services


Our strategic objective in the Middle East is to strengthen e-Saudi’s leading position in our lines of business in and to increase revenues, profitability and cash-flow.

In Saudi Arabia, our strategic objective is to build upon e-Saudi’s early market success to expand market share, grow revenues and increase profitability and cash-flow margin. We intend to achieve these objectives in each operation through the following strategies:

  • Continue to develop and provide leading brand names, products and services through innovative marketing programs
  • Offer easy-to-implement and competitive business cases
  • Tailor the marketing, distribution and customer care strategies to suit the regional market
  • Deploy and operate high-quality networks with wireless capabilities
  • Continue to innovate by introducing advanced technological services
  • Enhance profitability through efficient cost management

Quality Policy

Increasing the Customer Satisfaction The satisfaction level of the customer is influenced not only by the output that is achieved but also by every other aspects that makes up the experience for obtaining that output.

  • Product Quality
  • Price
  • Deliveries
  • Overall responsiveness

It is our endeavour to increase the satisfaction level of our Customers. Improving the Quality of our Process

  • Reducing time and cost of completing a process from start to finish.
  • Well documented Quality Management System

Dedicate ourselves to achieve the Excellence.

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